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Definately Granite maul, it hits alot better, isn't as fast, but it also has a very good special attack. So..i would suggest using the Granite maul.

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Q: Which is better a rune scimitar or granite maul?
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What is better rune scimitar or granite mace?

Rune scimitar is better for training noob answer guy... okay well granite mace is better for PvP even though it sucks but whatever

Is a granite maul better than a rune 2h in runescape?

yes because a granite maul has a special attack but it is members but a rune 2h is free to play and is better than most weapons with its smash attack

Is a rune skim better at giving you faster xp than a g maul on runescape?

Yes, even though G-maul hits a lot higher, but Rune Scimitar hits faster.

In Runescape is the blurite sword better than a rune scimitar?

Not even close. The Rune Scimitar is better when it comes to attack stats. The blurite sword's defense stats are actually a little better then the rune Rune Scimitar's.

Is Excalibur better then the rune scimitar?

haha, nope. if your f2p stick to the rune scimitar.

What's better rune scimitar or rune battleax?

battle axe hits higher, but scimitar hits faster, i prefer scimitar

Which is better a rune scimitar or rune claws?

Rune Claws. It's stats are off the hook.

What is better rune longsword or rune scimitar?

The rune longsword is slower, but has a higher max hit by 1, but the rune scimitar is faster but has some unnecessary bonuses and is expensive, so the rune longsword is best.

Runescape is a god staff in melee better than rune?

No, Rune Scimitar is better than a God Staff in melee combat.

Whats better rune scimity or rune battlewax?

Either really is not better than the other. A rune battle axe does more damage, but you can attack quicker with a rune scimitar. Scimitar = more speed. Battle axe = more damage. It depends which you like more. Hope I helped!

What is better rune scimitar or rune mace and why?

Well. it really depends on who/what you are fighting. rune scimitar is fast and does a good amount of damage, (i think this wep is better) it is good vs. an enemy without armor where as the mace is slower, but much lighter. a mace is used vs. and enemy with armor. so if i where you i would go with the rune scimitar unless you are doing monkey madness! -miles

Is the granite mace tougher than the rune scimitar?

i'd say: buy a scagon scimitar. its like 200k these days, next to nothing. you'd think a g mace is better, but its slower too. havent really compared them, and im pure f2p so i cant.