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I would say Torterra, because it has the better overall level up moveset (Earthquake as soon as it evolves at level 32), though Empoleon can learn better TMs. I also prefer it as a Pokemon overall. To be fair, though, Empoleon has the better typing (Water/Steel, while Torterra is Grass/Ground). Looking at this question base stat wise, Empoleon has the better overall base stats, with a base stat total of 530 compared to Torterra's 525. Torterra has the better Attack (109 > 86) and Defense (105 > 88) stats, while Empoleon has the better HP (95 > 84), Special Attack (111 > 75), Special Defense (101 > 85), and Speed (60 > 54) stats.

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Q: Which is better Empoleon or Torterra?
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Who is better Infernape empoleon or torterra?

infernape because it beats torterra with fire and empoleon with fight , also if u have wifi you can just get all of the starters at the Global Termanal

Who is stronger Turtwig or Piplup?

piplup is better than turtwig, BUT torterra is better than empoleon. :)

Who is better torterra or empoleon?

Empoleon is way better. It is so fun to have a Empoleon on your team because these Pokemon are super proud and strong. The key to winning using Empoleon is to befreind it. I beat six gym leaders only using one Empoleon!!!! Go Empoleon!!!!:)

How do you get a wild Torterra?

Migrate it from Pokemon Pearl Version. And remember that your friend must have a Torterra and not an Infernape or Empoleon.

How can you get a Empoleon if you have a torterra already in Pokemon diamond?

you can not take an empoleon if you have already can take it from a trade or from gps.:-)

Which will win Empoleon torterra Infernape Scizor or Garchomp?


How do you defeat Commander Mars in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

with empoleon ,infernape and torterra

What Pokemon you get after breeding if the father is Torterra?

It depends what the female Pokémon is. The result of breeding a Ditto and a Torterra will always be a Turtwig. However if you don't use a Ditto it will be the first form of the female Pokémon. So, if you bred a male Torterra with a female Empoleon, the result would be a Piplup (the earliest form of Empoleon).

This is my team in Pokemon pearl Torterra Empoleon Infernape Strarapter Lucario and Gengar is this a good team?

yes except gengar he can faint if a foe has a empoleon

Really good Pokemon team for diamond?

Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape, Garchomp, Luxray, Snorlax

What Pokemon does barry have in diamond?

Floatzel Snorlax Heracross Roserade Staraptor Empoleon/Torterra/Infernape

Which Pokemon is better Infernape or Empolean?

empoleon, because empoleon is a water type and steel type, it can do flying types and ice types,empoleon can beat infernape with water and flying type moves.empoleon can beat torterra with flying,ice, and water type moves