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If you are depending on speed and agility along with a devastating kick Blaziken would be the best choice while on the other hand Charizard provides flying capabilities along with fire that can possibly evaporate water. In my opinion, Charizard is the best.

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Blaziken is better just by a tiny tiny tiny bit. I got this from looking at their stats. Hope I helped! :)

charizard iz way stronger

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Q: Which is better Charizard or blaziken?
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Who is best character in Pokemon?


Who is the strongest fire Pokemon?

blaziken st then charizard nd then typhlotion ed

Pokemon Sapphire what is the samething as blaziken?

blaziken. it's the fire starter for emerald, ruby, and saphire. Charizard, and Typhlosion are the other fire starters.

What is the strongest Pokemon out of these typhlosion Charizard Blaziken or Infernape?

Charizard, but they all become powerful in different ways so it is almost impossible to tell. Blaziken uses all out fire. Charizard becomes powerful in stamina and guts. Typhlosion becomes powerful in speed and guts. Infernape learns to use all of the above categories but isn't as powerful in any of them. Charizard excels in Attack Blaziken excels in Defense Typhlosion excels in Speed Infernape excels in Special Attack End of Story.

What strong fire types?

the strongest fire types i think are charizard, emboar, infernape, blaziken, and typhlosion are my answer

Where does Blaziken learn blast burn in ruby?

to let blaziken to learn blast burn is trade it for a charizard then you need to catch a latias (this is only for sapphire) then level it up to level 100 then after that put charizard at first in your party then summary it then their will be a bad egg at your party after it hatches you have to turn it off (this is not true ) this is the truth hatch it with a charizard who knows blast burn.

How do you get a growlithe with blast burn in platinum?

Impossible only Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, and Infernape can learn Blast Burn.

Toterrra or Charizard which is better?


Which is better Charizard or houndoom?

CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! charizard is an amazing pokemon. hehehe.

What are the top fire type Pokemon?

1. Charizard 2. Ninetails 3. Moltes 4.Camprupt 5.Blaziken

Who is better Charizard or blaziken?

Charizard would beat Venusaur in a fight because he is fire type so that gives him the edge. Charizard also has a slight advantage in overall stats, plus fire type pokemon have less weaknesses than grass type.

Which is better Blastoise or Blaziken?