Which gym leader gives you surf?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No gym leader gives you the HM Surf. In order to obtain this HM, you must first defeat the Fuchsia City gym leader. The badge you receive will enable you to use Surf outside of battle. Once you receive this badge, enter the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City (located north). If you are not familiar with the Safari Zone, it is an area in which you pay £500 to receive 30 Safari balls to catch wild and rare Pokemon. In the Safari Zone, there are small rest houses. You must make your way through each area of the Safari Zone. In the last house you enter, a man will explain that he has a special prize to giveaway for the first one to make it to said house. He will then give you the HM Surf.

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Q: Which gym leader gives you surf?
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Who gives you surf in sapphire?

You obtain HM03 Surf after defeating Norman the fifth gym leader, and Wally's father will reward you with surf.

What man gives you surf on Pokemon?

the gym leaders once you beat them but 1st you have to gt the hm moves then defeat the gym leader that gives you the badge to allow you to use surf ok

What Gym Badge or Leader gives the ability to use the move surf in Pokemon Diamond?


Where do you get hm surf on pokemon saphire?

After you beat your dad (the gym leader of Petalburg), go to Wally's house which is left from the gym. Talk to Wally's dad and he gives you the HM for Surf. =D

What is the gym after the fifth gym leader in emerald?

The sixth gem is with Leader Winona in Fortree city. You need surf to get to that city. You get surf from Wally's dad after you beat the fifth gym. You surf there from Mauville.

Pokemon sapphire don't have surf and can't get to briney?

u have 2 beat your dad ( gym leader) then a guy walks in and takes u 2 his house and gives u surf but beware, he's petalburg's gym leader(5th).

What gym leader lets you use surf?

The Hearthome gym leader Fantina lets you use surf in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

How can you get surf?

you get it from a water type gym leader.

Were is surf in dimand?

The Gym leader Fantina has it

Who do you battle to get surf?

In the game Pokemon Gold, in order to get Surf you will need to first navigate to Ecruteak City and defeat the gym leader. Once you get to the gym leader's house, you will be rewarded with Surf.

What move do you get from the gym leader in hearthome city?


Which gym leader to you have beat to use Surf?