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You can only register games developed by Nintendo or its first parties (ex. Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Metroid) as well as all WiiWare and DSiWare games.

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Q: Which games can you register on Club Nintendo?
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Do you have to pay for club Nintendo items?

everything on club Nintendo is free except the games you buy in the store to register onto club Nintendo

Can you register any Nintendo product to Club Nintendo for coins even old Game Boy Advance games Gamecube games etc even if you bought them years ago?

Yes you can. Register at Club Nintendo by seeing the related link below.

How does Club Nintendo work?

Club Nintendo is an imaginary club that you can join at . You register all of your Nintendo games. Note: Only games with a Nintendo symbol at the bottom of the game case is eligible for registration. Also game systems can be registered on Club Nintendo. The DSi, DSiXL, 3DS (the DS or DS Lite do not earn you Club Nintendo points), and Nintendo Wii can all be registered. By registering you games and completing surveys (Pre-play, Post-play) you earn points or coins you can spend on Club Nintendo. You can get games, cases, etc., each a different amount of coins. Wii games also are more points than DS games. Shipping and everything is completed. Register you games, get prizes. That's Club Nintendo.

Can you register a DSI?

if you are on club Nintendo

Nintendo product code?

The product code for your Nintendo product is found on the inside of the packaging of the product. The product code is used to register Nintendo games and systems on Club Nintendo.

Can you register a UK 3DS with Club Nintendo US?

No, you cannot register a Nintendo 3DS from a different region.

Can you regester Wii dsi points card on club Nintendo?

you register them at the wii or dsiware shop not on club nintendo.

How do you register wii remotes with club Nintendo?

"Accessories, including the Wii Balance Board, cannot be registered." I found this answer in Club Nintendo FAQ's

What should you do once you get a Nintendo 3DS?

You should play it, of course! Also remember to register it on Club Nintendo for Coins.

How do you get Nintendo stars?

To get Nintendo stars on club Nintendo, you have to open your case of wii, wii fit board, Nintendo ds and most wii games and there will be a slip or piece of paper saying 'join club Nintendo' and on it will be a silver scratch off area which has a code beneath the silver coating. Click on the 'register software' button on the club Nintendo site and type in your code. You will then have to fill out a questionerre and Hey presto you are done =]

Is it ever to late to register a Nintendo product to club Nintendo for coins?

Yes. They all have expiry dates that you can look at on the back.

How do you register rayman raving rabbids TV party into club Nintendo?

You can't. only products developed by Nintendo are eligible for Club Nintendo. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is developed by Ubisoft.