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Veilstone City

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Q: Which city has the big mart in Pokemon pearl?
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Pokemon pearl big mart?

in Velistone city

Where do you find flash in Pokemon Pearl?

You buy it in veilstone city the big shopping mart's floor 4 OR 3 its one of them alright

Pokemon emerald where is the big mart?

In lilycove city.

Where is route 7 in Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon?

Rpute 7 is between Saffron City and Celadon City (the city with the big mart).

Where is the rare Pokemon mart in Pokemon Diamond?

If you mean the big department store, it's in Veilstone city.

Pokemon FireRed water stone?

Can be bought in the Celadon Department store (the big mart in the upper left of Celadon City).

Where is the trophy garden in Pokemon pearl?

Go to Hearthome city Then go to Route 212 And go to the big house!!!

Where can you find the team galactic team HQ on Pokemon pearl?

its in veilstone city and its quite big - u cant miss it.

How do you get chatot on Pokemon pearl?

look on the route going to sunny shore city or trade with that kid (boy) in one of those big fancy houses at enterna city

What is the big Pokemon statue of?

If you mean diamond & Pearl, then in Diamond, Dialga and in Pearl, Palkia

Where is the big market in Pokemon emerald?

In Lilycove. The big skyscraper is the pokemon mart. Just go up the floors, and they sell different items.

Where are the people in the Pokemon pearl game who want to trade?

One is in Oreburgh. Another is in Eterna. They are both in big buildings. There is also one in Snowpoint City