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Q: Which came first Indiana Jones or Star Wars?
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Was Indiana Jones a book or movie first?

Star Wars came out in 1977; Indiana Jones came out in 1981

Who invented Star Wars Indiana Jones Star Trek?

Star Wars and Indiana Jones were created by George Lucas. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry.

Who would win Star Wars or Indiana Jones?

Probably Star Wars

Why are there Star Wars and Indiana Jones rides at Disneyland?

because of Lego games because Indiana Jones and star wars are both Lego games i think so

Are you able to get Indiana Jones in Lego Star Wars the first?

no but you can get him in the complete saga whip and all!!

Is the Indiana Jones theme Star Wars backwards?

I just recorded the star wars opening on windows voice recorder ans clicked reverse and it was not the same as Indiana Jones however i just recorded Indiana Jones backwars and it sounded a little bit like star wars.

Where is Leia in LEGO's Indiana Jones sets?

Leia is a Star Wars character and wouldn't appear in the Indiana Jones set. She does appear in some Star Wars sets, however.

What was the name of the comoser of Star Wars and Indiana Jones?

John Williams.

What is better Star Wars or Indiana Jones?

Starwars beats it by far.

What musical accomplishments did john Williams have?

star wars Indiana jones

How do you unlock Indiana Jones in Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga?

YoU go to the ? Mark room and watch the Indiana Jones trailer

How do you get LEGO Indiana Jones in the LEGO Star Wars the original trilogy?

you can't.