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Void, because in the long run, void would provide more ranged strength bonuses when actually firing projectiles.

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Q: Which armor ranged armor would you prefer in runescape void or blessed armor?
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Runescape what are the protect of range armor for non member?

Plate armor is the best to protect from ranged on non members since arrows, bolts and ranged attacks are weak against it. The best armor to protect from ranged on non members is rune plate and d'hide chaps.

What is the bestarmeor in RuneScape?

That depends what you want to kill. There are three types of combat - melee, magic and ranged. You should adapt your armor to the attack of the monster you are fighting against.

What is the best armor in runescape for F2P?

The best Armour for Free-to-play characters are: Corrupt dragon - Melee Green D'hide - Ranged Combat Robes - Magic

How do you get gold armor on RuneScape?

gold armor is called gilded armor in runescape and is gained through treasure trails

Is there an armor shop on runescape?

Sort of. There is a armour shop in Varrock for low level armour, rune platebodies are sold in edgeville, and in the champions guild there are ranged and other armours available.

What is the Best armor available in Runescape?

Tier 90 Armor (Malevolent, Sirenic, etc) are the best sets of Armor in RuneScape 3.

How do you trim armour on runescape mainly rune?

You can't trim armor on RuneScape if someone tells you they can trim your armor don't give them your armor they are scammers

How do you make granite armour in runescape?

In Runescape you cannot make granite armor the only types of armor you can make areBronzeIronSteelBlackMithrilAdamantRuneAnd some pieces of Dragon armor

What armor should you get in runescape with 4.5m and as a level 92?

If you are a member on runescape them you should get Guilded Armor or Gunthix armor. If you are not a member i suggest that you get Rune Armor. (Gold plated armor dose not change the strength of the armor at all) Hope This helps =)

How do you get the best armer on RuneScape?

There is no "best" armor in runescape, but armor such as the "nex" armor (Torva, Virtus, & Pernx) are some of the more elite types. Nex armor is dropped by the monster Nex in the gwd.

Can you trim rune armor in RuneScape?

No, but you can purchase trimmed armor from members.

What is after adamant armor in runescape?

The next level would be rune armor.