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You kind of have to use all of them.

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Q: Which alien is used to defeat vilgax on the ben 10 game?
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Was vilgax defeated in ben 10 alien force?

Yes.. In the episode "The Final battle". Ben used Ultimatrix to transform into Ultimate Swamp Fire and defeat him.

How defeat Mike Darkstar in Ben 10 vilgax attack?

keep jumping every time he trys to absorb you when he uses his energy explosion move when he runs after you use the heavy attack on him the right alien to use is BRAINSTORM I used GOOP to beat him jump as he does his thing while flipping the switches on ether end to green this will bring the slime up to make his power weaker be fast and use heavy attack

How did ben get the omnitrix off?

It contains a huge database of alien DNA (over 1 000 aliens), by binding the selected aliens DNA with bens he transforms in to that alien. Because of that it is very hard to remove however amputation would appear to work as Vilgax attempted that at least twice and high voltage currents sometimes work. In one episode vilgax used a purpose built device to remove it which also appears to utilise high voltage currents.

Cheat codes to Ben 10 alien force vilgax attacks?

XLSMOOTHY: refills ben and his aliens health but not unlimited health(you can use this over and over again. PRIMUS:lets ben to have all his transformations back after losing them. HEROTIME:all of your upgrades EVERYTHINGPROOF:invincibility PORTAL:allows you to skip a level and can be used more then once GENERATOR:allows unlimited omnitrix energy

Alien Force ps2 new game where can buy it?

Ben 10 Alien Force October 28, 2008 is not new and can be found new from amazon for $16.44 and used copies in very good or like new condition are under $10

Can you repair armor with alien epoxy?

No, the Alien Epoxy can only be used on your currently equipped weapon.

Is defeat an action verb?

Yes because it is often used when the person either loses to someone in a game or loses a war against a nation.

What characters do you use to defeat tabuu?

You can use anyone i used sonic, wario, mr game and watch, snake, lucas, Pokemon trainer.

What was the non returning boomerang used for?

it is used to defeat...(cant tell you who it is used to defeat,because I'm not going to baby you.) :) :) :)

What is the syonym of defeat?

If used as a noun: downfall, conquest If used as a verb: conquer, annihilate

When will ben be alien x again?

i think he will be used in the last episode of ben 10 alien force.its possible

How do you make an alien on the alchemy game on droid?

Golem + Life = Man Beast + Life = Man Here are the combination's that man is used in: