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If you defeat the roaming Latios in Pokemon Emerald, the Pokemon you used to battle it in that encounter will gain the appropreate Experience Points. Unfortunately, it also means that Latios will no longer roam around Hoenn. You only have one chance of capturing it, so defeating Latios results in that chance ending. Latios cannot be found again after you defeat it.

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Q: What happens if you defeat Latios in Pokemon Emerald?
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If im a boy in Pokemon guardian signs what happens after you defeat latias?

then its not latias its latios

How do you unlock latias in Pokemon emerald?

after you defeat the eelite four your mum will ask you if you prefer red or blue, pick red you get latias (by cathcing it later on save before any thing mysterios happens just incase you kill latias or latios. then turn the console of and on again you will be back) choose blue you get latios.

Where do you get latios in ruby?

As soon as you defeat the Pokemon league, you can find Latios roaming around in the wild. You can also get Latias in Pokemon Sapphire.

When you defeat Pokemon emerald noland will you get th Pokemon you use?

no no

How do you catch both Latios and Latias on Pokemon Emerald?

Once you defeat the elite four, the credits go,and you choose which one you want. unfortunatly,you can only get one per game, (unless you trade or cheat).

How do you get fly in Pokemon emerald?

defeat winona first

What Pokemon do you need to defeat your dad in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon with fighting type moves

After you watch the news cast on latios or latias can you go and defeat the elite four or do you have to catch latios or latias first in Pokemon emerald?

If you saw the news on latios/latias that means you have already defeated the elite four and now you can catch the latis, you can still beat the elite four if you want but for fun catch the latis then destroy the elite four with them.

What to do after you defeat the elite 4?

Go and catch the other legendaries regirock,registeel,regice,rayquaza,latias or latios depending on version ruby latios sapphire latias emerald both

How do you defeat emerald city on Pokemon in Game Boy?

That makes no sense. Do you mean how do you beat Pokemon Emerald for the Game boy?

Where do you find a latios on Pokemon emerald?

1. defeat the elite four 2. after talking to your mom and dad go towards the tv and watch it 3. the inouncer will tell you that a strange Pokemon has been flying around the hoen region, depend on what color you aid depends on the Pokemon you get red=latias blue-latios 4. then ssearch around the grassy areas and the sea and if you are lucky you will run into it

Will Latios return if you defeat it in Pokemon Black 2?

Yes, Latios will return in Pokémon Black 2 after defeating him. You just need to return to the Pokémon League building and defeat the Champion in order for it to return.