Which adj start with a e?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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energetic, electric, euphoric, easy, empty

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Q: Which adj start with a e?
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How do you spell 'any' in french?

any [adj' a minimal amount of] = quelque [adj]any [adj' no particular] = quelconque [adj], n'importe quel ...any [adj' one] = un(e) [adj]any [adj' some] = du [art], de la [art]any [adv' in some degree] = d'une certaine manièreany [pron' any one] = quelqu'un/quelqu'une [pron]

What words that start with p that meaning missing?

Prey as nounPassed as adj.Past as adj.

What is the synonym for synchronistic?

coeval adj. coevally adv. coexistent adj. coincidental adj. coinstantaneous adj. concomitant adj. concurrent adj. concurrently adv. contemporaneous adj. contemporaneously adv. at once gleichzeitig at the same time simultaneous adj. simultaneously adv.

What other words can you use other than fast?

apace adv. [poet] brisk adj. briskly adv. expeditious adj. expeditiously adv. mobile adj. nippy adj. (Brit.) [sl.] prompt adj. quick adj. quickly adv. rapid adj. rapidly adv. slippy adj. spanking adj. speedily adv. speedy adj. swift adj. swiftly adv.

What are adj that start with B?


What is the word rude in portuguese?

rude n.m.,f.1. boor n.2. brute n.rude adj.1. blunt adj.2. boorish adj.3. brusque adj.4. crude adj.5. rude adj.rude (adj.]brutal adj.

What is doable?

adj. Possible to do. adj. Possible to do.

What does mur mean?

Un mur (noun) is a wall.Une mure (noun) is a blackberryMur(e) (adj) means ripe.

How do you say revitalizing in spanish?

vivificante adj. [biβifi'kan̪te]vivificador, a adj. [biβifika'ðoɾ, a]renovador, a adj. [renoβa'ðoɾ, a]

What are the parts of speech for think?

thought = noun; thoughtful = adj; thoughtless= adj, thinking = adj, thinker = noun.

Is slavering an adj?

if it describes something then usually that means its an Adj.

What is the word for someone who is always helping others?

Someone who is always helping others can be known as a Good Samaritan.Words that describe someone who is always helping others are:generous - (adj.) liberal in giving or sharingself-sacrificing - (adj.) will to deprive yourself for the benefit of othersaffectionate - (adj.) having or showing fondnessaltruistic - (adj.) unselfishamiable - (adj.) friendly, agreeablebenevolent - (adj.) charitable, kindhumanitarian - (adj.) giving, compassionate