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AutoFormat As You Type

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Q: Which Word feature anticipates formatting based on what you type?
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What is a text-formatting feature of a word processing program?

The term is self describing; it is a feature that formats text.

What is the feature that displays the result of a formatting change?

It is a Live Preview. As you point to different things you wish to change in formatting Word will show you the result in "real time" or a "Live Preview".

What word feature lets you see how font formatting looks without having to return to the document?

live preview

How In Microsoft Word 2010 The built-in CopyReplaceAll feature only allows the formatting to be of one kind at a time not mixed formatting so how to do mixed formatting?

Clarification of the original question:I have a 2000 page document with several thousand instances of formatting in two forms that need to be changed. They forms needing to be changed look like this: 1. you2i2. you 2iI need all of these abberent instances to be changed to:1. you2iThe built-in Copy/ReplaceAll feature only allows the formatting to be of one kind at a time, not mixed formatting. It removes mixed formatting when using the "ReplaceAll" feature. What is the solution?

What is the word 2010 feature for using keyboard combinations instead of the mouse to select character formatting commands called?

Shortcut keys

When would you use sections in a document?

Sections are the Word feature that controls page number formatting, headers and footers, and orientation. It can be use section to change the layout or formatting of a page or pages in your document. Section breaks allow the user to specify where the different formatting will begin and end.

In word what refers to returning the formatting to the normal style?

clear formatting

What word refers to returning to the formatting to the normal style?

clear formatting

Is formatting an adverb?

No. The word formatting is a present participle of the verb (to format) and may be a noun or noun adjunct (e.g. formatting problems).

In a word processor 3 types of formatting are?

Types of formatting included in a word processor three is right, left and center alignment. These formatting options help make documents more attractive.

Formatting mark in a cell that assists with selecting and formatting in word 2007?

end-of-cell mark

How do you turn off auto spelling phone?

IF you mean 'predictive text' where it fills in a word when you type a couple of letters - there should be a feature on one of the phone's menu to turn 'T9 formatting' on and off.