Which TM makes Pokemon fall asleep?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I only know 3 moves that makes Pokemon fall asleep.

GrassWhistle - Roselia learns it by level up

Yawn - Dunsparce learns it by level up

Hypnosis - Drowsee knows it when captured in Pokemon Heart gold And Soul silver.

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Q: Which TM makes Pokemon fall asleep?
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A TM that makes the foe fall asleep in Pokemon pearl?

yes the tms are 1.hypnosys 2.dark void 3.yawn

Where do you get the TM drowsy in Pokemon Soul Silver?

There is no TM "Drowsy" in any Pokemon games. You maybe thinking of the move "Yawn" that makes the target drowsy in one turn, and makes them fall asleep the next. However, this move is not available via TM or Move Tutor either. There is a Pokemon named Drowzee also.

Where can you get TM that make a Pokemons sleep in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no TM you can get that makes Pokemon fall asleep, there is hypnosis, which u can not get as a TM, only certain Pokemon can learn it at a certain level, and there is dark void, and i believe only 1 Pokemon can learn that move and that's darkrai. theres also grasswhistle, obviously only grass Pokemon can learn it but that is also not a TM move. certain Pokemon randomly learn it.

What TM makes Pokemon sleep in Pokemon pearl?


What is the strongest TMT in Pokemon?

If you mean strongest TM, then it's Explosion (TM 64). It does 250 damage but it automatically makes your Pokemon faint.

What TM is sleep on Pokemon Yellow?

If you mean the move that makes the user fall asleep and heal themselves, it is only known as Sleep in the Japanese version; the English name is Rest. That aside, it is TM44, and the only one in Pokémon Yellow is on the S.S. Anne...meaning that it's only available until the ship leaves.

What TM makes a Pokemon GO to sleep in Pokemon GOld?

Hypnosis, sleep powder, stuff like that...

What does the TM headbutt do in Pokemon silver?

I think it is the same as Pokemon diamond and pearl you use headbutt on a certain tree and a Pokemon could fall out of a tree

Where is TM spark in Pokemon Diamond?

their is no tm for spark in pokemon

Where do you get the TM trick in Pokemon Emerald?

NOWHERE.The TM trick is not available as a TM in Pokemon Emerald

Is Thunder fang a TM in Pokemon Pearl?

no thunder fang is not a TM in Pokemon pearl no thunder fang is not a TM in Pokemon pearl

Were do you get the TM dig from Pokemon emerald?

by fall harbor town the route to the left, the dig maniacs little brother.