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Q: Which Pokemon hides on the seafloor and watches the shore?
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How do you get to sunny shore on Pokemon Diamond?

to get to sunny shore in Pokemon diamond you need to catch dialga at spear pillar

Where is team aquas hideout in pokemon saphire?

Off the shore of lilycove city (the right side shore)

Were is the Pokemon league Pokemon dspearl?

north of sunny shore over the waterfall and through cave

What Pokemon can you get outside sunny shore city?

None sorry.

Pokemon platinum how do you get to battle in sunny shore?

gym leader

How do you get to sun shore city on Pokemon platinum?

go to youtube

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at the sunny shore gym

How do you get to sunny shore city on pokemon diamond?

kfxn[ixjndlkhdlk mln

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Sunny shore city?

Sunny Shore City is a location in the games Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. The city is powered by solar energy.