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any Pokemon could have a serious nature especially if you try breeding them until one with a serious nature shows up.

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Q: Which Pokemon have a serious nature in Pokemon Platinum?
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What Pokemon have serious nature?

any Pokemon can have serious nature, just catch more Pokemon

HOW do you show a guy a Pokemon with serious nature?

Find a Pokemon that has serious nature, then walk up to this "guy" and if it asks you if you want to show him a Pokemon with a serious nature then click yes and choose the Pokemon you caught.

What is one type of Pokemon with serious nature in Pokemon pearl?

Any Pokemon can have a serious nature - you just have to catch one with a serious nature. You may have to catch a few before you find one. There is a 1 in 25 chance of a pokemon having a Serious nature as there are 24 other natures.

How do you find out if your Pokemon has which nature in Pokemon platinum?

Nature will be displayed in the Pokemon Stats, you cannot find out before you catch it.

Which Pokemon have a serious nature in Pokemon diamond?

Wingull, 'J' unown and Snubbull<----What crap! Thats the person's pokemon any pokemon can have a serious nature from Bulbasaur to Genesect! wat about a navi natured pokemon.

Which Pokémon have a serious nature in Pokémon?

any Pokemon can have any nature!

How do you catch a Pokemon with a serious nature?

its random, unless you have the Pokemon modifier

Is there any way in Pokemon diamond that you can make your pokemons nature serious?

no you cannot make your Pokemon nature serious. You cannot change your Pokemon's nature. You simple have to find and catch a serious nature d Pokemon. sorry! WRONG! you can do that by using action replay game shark or any other cheating system for ds

What is a Pokemon with serious nature?

Pokemon are not limited to certain natures any Pokemon can have a serious nature, it just might take you a while to catch the one you want or breed until you get one

What serious Pokemon does that man want in sunnyshore city?

he means a serious NATURE

What pokemons have a serious nature?

palkia,darkrai,dialga and giratina palkia,darkrai,dialga and giratina

What Pokemon nature is best for speed in Pokemon platinum?

There are four. Timid, Hasty, Jolly and Naive.