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the Pokemon that evolve with the help of a thunder stone are : pikachu +thunder stone = raichu, or eevee + thunder stone = jolteon.

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Q: Which Pokemon evolves from a thunder stone?
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What kind of Pokemon evolves with a thunder stone?

Pickachu and eeve can evolve with the thunder stone

What Pokemon evolves from a thunder stone on Pokemon diamond?

the Pokemon are pikachu and evee to jolteon and that is all

What pokemon evolves from thunder stone in fire red?

eevee and pikachu.

How do you evolve Eevee Pokemon Blue?

You can evolve Eevee by giving it:A thunder stone evolves it into: JolteonA water stone evolves it into: VaporeonA fire stone evolves it into: Flareon

What POKeMON evolves from the thunder stone in Pokemon Pearl?

Eevee, and Pikachu. I don't know anymore.

What Pokemon evolve with a thunder stone in Pokemon FireRed?

The Pokémon that evolve via the Thunderstone are Pikachu which evolves into Raichu and Eevee which evolves into Jolteon.

What Pokemon evolves with a thunder stone in Pokemon pearl?

eevee,pikachu,probably flaffy if not then lv 40

What Pokemon evolve from stones in Pokemon black?

A Fire Stone evolves Pansear into Simisear. A Water Stone evolves Panpour into Simipour A Leaf Stone evolves Pansage into Simisage. A Thunder Stone evolves Eelektrik into Eelektross. A Moon stone evolves Munna into Musharna. A Shiny Stone evolves Minccino into Cinccino. A Sun Stone evolves Petilil into Liligant and evolves Cottonee into Whimsicott. A Dusk Stone evolves Lampent into Chandelure.

What is the sunstone for in Pokemon FireRed?

The sun stone is an item similar to the thunder stone, water stone, fire stone and leaf stone it evolves two pokemon: Gloom and Sunkern.

What stones evolve what Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Moon Stone- Evolves Munna into Musharna Dusk Stone- Evolves Lampent into Chandelure Shiny Stone- Evolves Minccino into Cinccino Sun Stone- Evolves Cottonee into Whimsicott and Evolves Petilil into Lilligant Thunder Stone- Evolves Eelectrik into Eelektross Leaf Stone- Evolves Pansage into Simisage Fire Stone- Evolves Pansear into Simisear Water Stone- Evolves Panpour into Simipour

Which Pokemon elvove from a thunder stone?

It evolves: Eelektric into an Eelektross Pikachu into Raichu Eevee into Jolteon

What Pokemon evolve from thunder stone?

pikachu evolves into raichu,evee evolves into jolteon .sorry if there are more i dont know more