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only low leveled magikarp

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Q: Which Pokemon can you catch with the old rod in Pokemon soulsilver?
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What Pokemon can you catch with good rod in Pokemon SoulSilver?

magickarp goldeen psyduck hope this helps :)

What types of rods are there in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Old Rod, New Rod, and Super Rod.

Where can you get the old rod in Pokemon Soul Silver?

A fisherman within the Pokemon Center on Route 32 will give you the Old Rod in Pokémon SoulSilver.

Using old rod in Pokemon Ruby?

Using the Old Rod in Pokemon Ruby (or any Pokemon game for that matter) will get you a Magikarp as that is the only Pokemon an Old Rod can catch.

What Pokemon can you catch with a old rod in Pokemon ruby?


What rod do you need to catch FEEBAS in Pokemon Platinum?

Old Rod.

Where do you get lantern in Pokemon SoulSilver?

catch a chinchou with a good rod you get in olovine city and evolve it at level 27

Can you catch a wailmer with a old rod in Pokemon sapphire?

I am looking to join Wailmer to my team.But, no you can't catch it with an old rod

What Pokemon can you catch with the old rod in Pokemon diamond?

only magicarp

Where can you get a seadra in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can catch one in Whirl Islands when using Surf, or you can catch and evolve a Horsea from the Whirl Islands (good rod or surf).

Where to catch poliwag on Pokemon Pearl?

You can catch it in route 225, in the water, but make sure to use good rod not super rod or old rod

How do you catch Pokemon with old rod in Pokemon emerald?

To catch a Pokemon with a rod, you have to use the rod, then wait until a "!" appears above your character's head. Once that happens, press "a" as fast as you can before it gets away. If you land the Pokemon, you get to battle it.