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Water-Type moves are strong against Fire-Types, Rock-Types, and Ground-Types. Water-Type Pokémon are strong against Fire-Types, Ice-Types, Steel-Types, and other Water-Types.

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Q: Which Pokémon types are weak against Water-Type?
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What types are Gardevoir weak against?

Gardevoir is weak against the Ghost, Poison and Steel-types.

What are physical type Pokemon weak against?

I assume that you are referring to Fighting-Type Pokémon. When attacking, they are weak against Poison-Types, Flying-Types, Bug-Types, and Psychic-Types, and ineffective against Ghost-Types. When defending, they are weak against Flying-Types and Psychic-Types.

What are steel type Pokemon weak against?

They are strong against a lot of types. They are weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground though XD. They are also weak against water types.

What are ghost types week against?

Ghost types are fundamentally weak against ghost or dark attacks.

What is whiscash weak against?

Whiscash is only weak against grass types.

What is strong against Pupitar?

Pupitar is a Rock- and Ground-Type, so it is weak against Steel-Types, Ground-Types, Fighting-Types, and Ice-Types, and exceptionally weak against Water-Types and Grass-Types.

Which Pokémon are strong against Dragonite?

Dragonite is a Dragon- and Flying-Type, so it is weak against Rock-Types and Dragon-Types, and exceptionally weak against Ice-Types.

What is Garchomp strong against?

Garchomp is a Dragon- and Ground-Type, so it is weak against Dragon-Types and exceptionally weak against Ice-Types.

Which Pokémon types are strong against Psychic-Types?

Psychic-Type moves are weak against Steel-Types and other Psychic-Types. Psychic-Type Pokémon are weak against Ghost-Types, Bug-Types, and Dark-Types.

What type of Pokemon is natu weak against?

Natu is a Psychic and Flying type Pokemon it is weak against Electric types, Rock types, Ghost types and Dark types.

What is the ground type weak against?

Ground types are weak against grass, water and ice.

Which types of Pokémon are strong against Water-Type?

Water-Type moves are weak against Grass-Types, Dragon-Types, and other Water-Types. Water-Type Pokémon are weak against Electric-Types and Grass-Types.