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Ursaring normally appears in victory road, and in the first part of the cave in mount silver.

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Q: Where you can get ursaring on Pokemon Gold?
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Where you can get ursaring on Pokemon Silver?

you cant you have to trade from gold

What type of Pokemon is Ursaring?

It depends on you.It's awesome in the anime.Check the stats.

Where can you catch a teddiursa in pokemon white?

You cannot catch Teddiursa in Pokemon Silver.

How do you catch ursaring Pokemon HeartGold?

Ursaring and it's pre-evolution are exclusive to Pokemon SoulSilver and cannot be obtained in the HeartGold version.

What is the National Pokedex Number for Ursaring?

Ursaring is #217 in the national pokedex, and it is a Normal type Pokemon.

What level does spinda evolve into ursaring Pokemon platinum?

Spinda does not evolve into any other Pokemon. Teddiursa evolves into Ursaring at level 30.

What is a good nickname for ursaring Pokemon?


What Pokemon can learn rock climb in Pokemon heart gold?

a lot of Pokemon can learn the move rock climb here are good Pokemon that should have rock climb Ursaring because it can also learn other mountain moves like rock smash machoke just like ursaring is a mountain dude geodude and its evolutions well mostly rock Pokemon hope i helped!

Why is Ursaring a bad Pokemon?

because it is a norml tipe

Could you use any energy for ursaring?

Sim,porque o ursaring é um pokemon tipo normal

Can you get ursaring in Pokemon emerald?

You can get Ursaring in Pokémon Emerald in the safari zone. You can also evolve it from Teddiursa or trade for it.

Where to catch donphan in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I think you mean Ursaring. Donphan is only in HeartGold, same places you find Ursaring in SoulSilver.