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visual boy advance is the wrong emulator go to and download a dslite emulator

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Q: Where you can download Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for visual boy advance for free?
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Where To Download Pokemon Diamond And pearl For Visual Boy Advance?

visual boy advanced is only for gameboy games, for any kind of nintendo ds games you need to download another emulator.

Where can you download Pokemon raptor for Visual Boy Advance?

no such thing . .

Can you play Pokemon games like Diamond or silver etc on the computer?

You can play Pokemon for Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance on your PC by downloading Visual Boy (just google *visual boy*). ---- Then google *pokemon game roms* to find how download it. - MeritBadgeHelp

Where to download Pokemon visual Game Boy advance in computer?

You can't download it, it's illegal.Better, you must buy it. :)

How do you get Pokemon FireRed Pokemon version on the computer?

u can download fire from CROM website u should download it with visual boy advance

Where can you download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for visual boy advance?

You can download it in

Where can you download Pokemon lightning yellow for visual boy advance?

go to google and type " pokemon lightning yellow 2shared"nd download iy

How do you download Pokemon Emerald Mac?

First download Visual Boy Advance for mac,( it will let you play the game) then type in Pokemon Emerald Rom in google, and download it from

How do you get the game Pokemon Emerald on the computer?

Download visual boy advance, then Google game boy advance roms, and find the one for Pokemon emerald. search up VBA thts visual boy advance download then find a win.rar file for emerald and u must be able to have the program for this to work

Can you download Pokemon Battle Revolution on your laptop?

Use visual boy or visual boy advance and then search for Pokemon roms in a search engine or sorts

Where do you get a e-reader for visual boy advance?

download the e reader for visual boy advance

How do you install Pokemon FireRed on pc?

You have to download Visual Boy Advance (Google it). Then you have to download a Pokemon Fire Red ROM (Google that to) Then you just open the ROM in VBA and enjoy the game :)