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Q: Where will you use rock smash to find blue shard and heart scales?
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Where in sapphire do you get a water stone?

you have to get a blue shard and then give it to shard dude (i dont know his name) BLUE SHARD=WATERSTONE RED SHARD=FIRESTONE YELLOW SHARD=THUNDERSTONE GREEN SHARD=GRASSSTONE

Where to get a blue shard in heart gold?

You can find different colored shards on certain routes on the Pokewalker accessory.

Where are blue shards in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get them using the dowsing MCHN on the Pokewalker or you have a chance of getting them by using Rock Smash on any rock (You can get red, blue, green and yellow shards this way as well as heart scales, revives, max ethers, and fossils).

How do you get a water stone on Pokemon Sapphire?

find a blue shard near the hunters house in mossdeep city then you trade him the blue shard for a water stone same goes for other shards red shard= fire stone i believe blue shard- water stone green shard- leaf stone

How do you get lotsn of oran berry in heart and gold?

there are 2 ways. 1.if u have a oran berry put it in the berry pot & let it grow & repeat. 2. if you have a lot of blue shards go to that man in violet city he'll give oran berrys and two other berrys. use rock smash on rocks & there might be a blue shard.

Where can you get red and blue shard?

In the Underground.

Where is the blue shard in emerald?


What are the different colored shards in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver and what berries will the shard trader give you for each color?

Red Shard Blue Shard Yellow Shard Green Shard Violet City and Fuchsia City

Where do you trade a blue shard on Pokemon sapphire?

Theres a treasure hunters house between lilycove and mossdeep. You get the water stone(evolves stayu) if you give him the blue shard the hunters house is just West of Mossdeep. On a mini island. You can trade: green shard for leaf stone, blue shard for water stone, red shard for frie stone and that's all i know.

Where do you get a water stone in emerald?

You get a shard and.give the shardmaster. I believe it's the blue shard

What shard do you need in Pokemon soul silver to get oran berries from the juggler in violet city?

Blue shard

Where can I get a a blue shard on Pokemon Emerald?

find a blue shard using Dive, and trade it to the guy by Mossdeep, or catch some clampearl, they hold blueshards too.