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In Pokémon Crystal (GBC), there is no Heart Scale item. The Heart Scale item was introduced to the Pokémon Video Games in Generation III (3) (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald). Thus, you cannot get the Heart Scale in Crystal. There is no Generation II-III trading, so there is no possible way to use the Heart Scale in Pokémon Crystal Version, sorry!

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Q: Where to use heart scale in crystal?
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Where can you find a heart scale in crystal version?

go to a cheese store. they have many scales there. it is in pallet town

How do you have the old moves of a Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

give a heart scale to the move tutor in blackthorn city

Where do you use a heart scale on Pokemon diamond?

You can use heart scales at the Move Re-learner in Pastoria City. He reteaches your Pokémon a move for every heart scale used.

What do you use red scale for in Pokemon Crystal?

Mr pokemons house for exp.share

What is a heart scale used for on Pokemon Platinum?

you use it for the move maniac who reteaches your Pokemon a moves for one heart scale

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Crystal Heart's birth name is Leeann Crystal Schneider.

If you dont let lickitung learn rollout to make it evolve can you use a heart scale at pastoria can you still make it evolve if you use a heart scale and make it learn rollout?


How do you get the move wood hammer in Pokemon pearl?

After torterra is able to learn it, if you select no then you can use a heart scale and then teach it the move using the heart scale tutor

Where can you find a heart scale on Pokemon heart gold?

you have to use hm rock smash on rocks to find them.

In HeartGold where can you get a heart scale?

first go to the pokeathlon if you have enough points (1000) you can cash in points at the desk furthest to the right. Specific use of the heart scale is to remember moves, I used a heart scale to let my ampharos remember fire punch

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