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go to a cheese store. they have many scales there. it is in pallet town

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Q: Where can you find a heart scale in crystal version?
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Were is strong wobbufett in Pokemon Crystal version?

The strongest Wobbuffet you can find in crystal version are in Cerulean Cave, they might be a little hard to find though

Where do you find Heracross in Pokemon Crystal Version?

In Pokemon Crystal Version, a Heracross will occasionally appear when you use headbutt on trees.

What is the heart scale in Pokemon diamond version?

If you mine underground long enough, you will find them, but they are very small, so you have to look everywhere, you can also find them on wild Luvdisc

Where do you find a heartscale on Pokemon Sapphire Version?

go underwater and dive then look on a dark spot and click a. You haave now obtained a heart scale.

Can you find ho-ho in Pokemon crystal version?


Where is a heart scale found in emerald?

You can find them underwater and if you catch a luvdisc they may be holding a heart scale.

Where do you find lunatone on Pokemon crystal version GBC?

Lunatone? You can't get it anywhere, and you can't trade it into Crystal.

How do you find the director in crystal version?

The director will be in the rockets underground warehouse.

Where can you find shiny Pokemon on crystal version?

You could get a shiny Pokemon for crystal but you need luck to catch one ("_")

Where can you find a heart scale on Pokemon heart gold?

you have to use hm rock smash on rocks to find them.

Where do you find the heart scale?

all over the place

Where to find a heart scale in platinum?

OK... so there is this guy in solaceon town that gives you a heart scale and 3 pokeballs. U can also find them under ground. ;D