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Type your answer here... breed 2 electabuzz

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Q: Where to see a elekid in Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you get Elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

The only way you can get an Elekid in Pokemon Platinum is by breeding an Electabuzz or Electivire.

Where you can find a elikid in Pokemon Platinum?

breed an electabuzz if you want an elekid in Pokemon platinum

Where do you find elekid on Pokemon platinum?

migrate it from Pokemon FireRed

What Pokemon is 197 of the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon platinum?

Elekid is number 197 in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Elekid's real number in the National Dex is 239. You can obtain an Elekid in Platinum by breeding an Electabuzz, or Electivire.

Where do you find a wild elekid in Pokemon platinum?

In the woods.

Which trainer has an elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

the Pokemon breeder in route 210

Where do you find a elekid in Pokemon platinum?

u need to breed electabuzz

How many steps to hatch a elekid egg?

In PokeMon Platinum The Answer is 5301

Where can you find elekid in Pokemon platinum?

you can't find it but you can get a egg of elekid by put a male and female eletabuzz in the day care

Ware you can find elekid on Pokemon platinum?

you have to have firered and put it in the gba slot and go to the valley windworks and then you will get your elekid hope i helped

Pokemon platinum were do you see elekid?

All u have to do is go north of solaceon town on the left side where the tall grass is, then the trainer just after the twins has an elekid and a happiny its true! i just tried it . lv.23 elekid and lv.23 happiny

Elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

you hav to have firered in your gba slot and then it is around valley windworks