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go to mom she will give you the amulet coin

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Q: Where to go after defeating Norman in Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get go goggles in Pokemon emerald?

You get them after defeating your rival.

How do you get jurachi on Pokemon emerald?

im not sure but i think you get him by defeating the Pokemon league 10 times and then go to one of the forests (i cantt remember the name though)

Is there another way to get to JOHTO in emerald instead of catching all Pokemon?

In the enhaced Safari Zone which you can go to after defeating the elite four.

What level are the Pokemon for the fifth badge in Pokemon Emerald?

This Gym Leader is Norman. He is a Norman Type Gym Leader. Here is the list of his Pokemon. First Battle Spinda Lv .27 Vigoroth Lv .27 Linoone .Lv 29 Slaking .Lv 31 There must be a Rematch with Norman. I can't tell you all of the Pokemon. I'm sorry. You can't rematch him in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Only Emerald. If you want to know all of Norman's Pokemon, go to Google, type pokemon norman, then you'll find out about Norman's Pokemon. He will also be in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 for the Pokemon World Tournament. If you want to rematch Norman, you need to have Pokemon Emerald, then Norman will call you for another match. In your PokeNav, you see a Pokeball by Norman's name? That means he wants to rematch you. Also, you will battle other Gym Leaders in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 also. Hope this Helps! PS Fighting Type will help you defeat Norman's Pokemon because it's Super Effective aganist Normal Type Pokemon. :)

How do you get metang in pokemon emerald?

After defeating the Elite 4, go back to Mosedeep City and go into Steven's house. There will be a Pokeball on his table containing the Pokemon Beldum. Beldum evolves into a Metang at level 20.

Where do you find surf in Pokemon emerald?

After you defeat the Lavabridge gym leader, go to Norman (Your dad) and beat him. He will give you surf. Hope I helped! :)

Can you get HM Surf if you've beaten Norman in Petalburg City but you didn't go to Wally's house straight away?

Yes, only in Pokemon Emerald......

How do you get legiondary Pokemon on emerald?

You can get rayquaza before you defeat the elite four, but to find out where kyogre and groudon are you have to go to the weather station after defeating elite four to find out their location..... i think ___________Info by POKEwiz__________ if you have any questions about Pokemon emerald, diamond, firered, or pearl i can help!

How do you get help on Pokemon emerald?

To get help on Pokemon emerald go to IGN or on this website!!!

How 2 get hm fly on Pokemon Emerald?

after defeating team aqua/magma (i forget which), go east, and then north, battle MAy/brandon, and he/she will give you hm2 fly after you win

How can you get a lot of money in Pokemon emerald?

you sell items or do a lot of battles EVEN better way: go back to littleroot town,go visit your mom after defeating your father,she will give you an amulet coin when you give it to a Pokemon and the Pokemon participates in any battle with trainers the money will double!!!

In Pokemon Emerald do you need to beat the Pokemon league to catch rayqaza?

no just go to him but i am talking about Pokemon emerald