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suite key is in

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Q: Where to get the ticket in light platinum?
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How do you get ferry ticket on light platinum?


What is the use for the SS Ticket on Pokemon Platinum?

There is no use for the SS Ticket in Pokémon Platinum.

How do you get the boat ticket in Pokemon Platinum?

You don't need the boat ticket in Pokemon Platinum because it's the ticket for Luxury Liner SS Anne, which is not in the Sinnoh region.

What is a platinum ticket?

a really good one

How do you get the Aurora ticket on platinum?

you cant you idets

Ar code for mystic ticket on Pokemon platinum?

The mystic ticket only existed of fire red leaf green and emerald. Basically it is unobtainable in Pokemon pearl diamond and Platinum

Can you trade from platinum to light platinum?

no sorry

Is Pokemon light platinum legal?

No, Pokémon Light Platinum is not a legal game. Light Platinum is a fan hack that is based on the Pokémon Ruby game engine.

How do you get the Aurora ticket in platinum?

there is a website put in the search box:gamefaqs look it up

Is driving with a broken tail light a ticket violation?

If you are riding around with a broken tail light you can get a ticket. Since tail lights are inexpensive you should avoid this ticket by fixing your light.

Where is the pokenav in Pokemon light platinum?

There's no Pokenav since Pokemon Light Platinum's build is from Pokemon Ruby.

Is pokemon light platinum real?

Pokémon Light Platinum is real however it is not an official Nintendo-licensed Pokémon game. Pokémon Light Platinum is a modified game version of the Gameboy Advanced game of Pokémon Ruby.