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You can find the HM surf in the Great Marsh in Pastoria City and then you can use it outside of battle once you beat the Pastoria Gym Leader.uhm, no. you have it wrong. you get defog in the great marsh safari, and can use defog after you beat the gym leader.

is a town top of hearthome west up town up is it i am not saying the fird gym

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Q: Where to get the hm surf in Pokemon pearl?
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On Pokemon pearl where do you get the HM surf?

from the champion's grandma

Pokemon pearl where to get the hm surf?

Cynthia grandma gives it to you

Wre to get the hm surf on Pokemon pearl version?

in the safari zone

Where do you go after obtaining the HM Surf in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

surf left of jubilife to canalave

How do you get the Hm surf on pokemon pearl?

Celestic Town, after you beat the Gym Leader.

Can't get hm slave in Pokemon Pearl?

machop is a good hm slave. he can learn rock smash, rock climb, strengh,. in Pokemon emerald nincada is a good hm slave but in Pokemon pearl flash is not an hm. any water type can learn waterfal or surf espacially palkia.

What hm number is surf in Pokemon platinum?

Surf is HM #3. :-)

When do you learn surf in Pokemon pearl?

As long as you have the surf HM from Celestic town, you must earn your fifth badge to be able to surf along water. Hope this helps!

Hm's in Pokemon Pearl?

the HMs are strengh,defog,waterfall,surf,rock climb,rock smash,and fly

How do you learn surf on Pokemon platinum?

Get the HM Surf then teach it to a pokemon.

How do you get to cinnabar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get HM Surf and surf there

How is the hm surf in Pokemon Pearl?

what do you mean by how is? but surf lets you ride on a water Pokemon in the water. You will also need it to get to the Pokemon league and you get the move surf from the elder of celestic town and you can use it outside of battle when you beat the hearthome gym leader.