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i don't remember exactly but i think in the safari zone , go to the farthest zone and the gold teeth should just be there.

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Q: Where to get the gold teeth in Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you get gold teeth in Pokemon Yellow?

You find the Gold Teeth in the Safari Zone in area 3 i think it is, near the house where you get HM03 Surf.

Where are the gold teeth in Pokemon Yellow?

In the safari zone look around Area 3.

What is gold teeth in Pokemon Yellow?

Gold teeth are used to obtain the HM Surf. The teeth are given to the warden at the end of Safari Zone, and in return he will give you the HM Surf.

Where do you find HM strangth on Pokemon Yellow?

The warden in Fushia gives it to you once you give him his gold teeth.

Where do i hand the gold teeth to on Pokemon Yellow?

The Safari Zone Warden, in his house in the southern part of Fuchsia City.

How do you get HM strength in Pokemon Yellow?

by getting gold teeth in safari zone then take it to the warden at his house and he gives you strenghth

What do you do with the golden teeth in Pokemon Yellow?

give them to the warden

How do you find gold teeth on Pokemon sapphire?

gold teeth is not something you can obtain in sapphire only in firered and leafgreen.

The wardan is speaking crazy in Pokemon Yellow?

Yes, he is, but you can find his Gold Teeth in Safari Zone and give it to him. Then he'll talk normally and even give you a HM04

How do you get an umbreon in Pokemon Yellow?

You cannot get an umbreon on Pokemon Yellow as they were only introduced in Pokemon Silver and Gold and from then on. You can only get Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon on Yellow.

Where do you get the gold teeth on Pokemon LeafGreen?

There in the Safari Zone

How do you trade in Pokemon Yellow to gold?

you have to get a life!!