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It's not a TM

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Q: Where to get the TM outrage in Pokemon black?
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How do you get outrage in Pokemon Diamond?

srry you cant unless that pokemon learns it when u level it up

Were do you get the TM outrage on Pokemon Blue?

Because I Raised Dragonnight to LvL 100 but he never learned outrage?

Where do you get TM outrage on Pokemon SoulSilver?

There is no TM for Outrage But!You can get one of the three moves teaching men (when you first enter the battle frontier the first house on the left is where they are) to teach it to you!First get a Pokemon compatible with Outrage like Garchomp.Talk to the men until they give you Outrage as an option(one of them has the option of Outrage).Outrage costs 48-64 BP(battle points)

Where do you get the TM outrage in Pokemon White?

Train one of your Pokemon. Try and see if the PokeMart sells it.

Where do you get outrage in Pokemon FireRed?

Outrage isn't a TM and the only Pokemon that learns Outrage is as followed:Dratini at Lvl. 50, Dragonair at Lvl. 56, Dragonite at Lvl. 61 and Rayquaza at Lvl. 65.Hope that helps (:

Where get TM outrage in Pokemon Emerald?

sorry to say but there is none unless you use a action replay

Where do you get the TM Thunder in Pokemon White 2?

There is no TM outrage in Pokemon White/Black 2, neither was there that TM in Pokemon White/Black.

Where is the swords dance TM in Pokemon Black?

You can't find swords dance as a TM in Pokemon Black

Where do you find th TM sonic boom in pokemon black?

That is not a TM in Black

What TM is outrage?


Is charge a TM in Pokemon Black?


Where get TM outrage in Pokemon Sapphire?

There isn't any TM outrages anywhere in pokemon sapphire also I'm sure there isn't any. If you do see one then it must be a cheat like action replay, and game shark (I use game shark on sapphire) or your game was hacked.