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You can't find swords dance as a TM in Pokemon Black

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Q: Where is the swords dance TM in Pokemon Black?
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Where do you get the TM swords dance in Pokemon white?

Somewhere in the game, maybe!

Where can you find the TM swords dance on Pokemon white?

One of the sages gives you it after the game.I forgot but it might be the one in chargestone cave.

What TM raises the attack sharply in SoulSilver?

Both Swords Dance and Swagger raise a Pokemon's attack sharply (although Swagger also confuses the Pokemon).

TM dragon dance Pokemon emerald?

Dragon dance cannot found on a TM.

Where is the seventy-fifth TM in Pearl?

TM 75 (Swords Dance) is an item you get at the Game Corner for 4000 coins.

What is TM75?

It is Swords Dance, A move which raises attack.

Where can you get the TM dragon dance in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no TM Dragon Drance

Where to get the TM outrage in Pokemon black?

It's not a TM

Where do you find th TM sonic boom in pokemon black?

That is not a TM in Black

Is charge a TM in Pokemon Black?


How do you get the TM roll out in Pokemon Black and White?

Rollout isn't a TM.

How do you get the rain dance TM in Pokemon pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl, the TM for Rain Dance does not occur somewhere the player can find it. Instead, they must collect ten blue shards and trade them with the mountain guy outside of Pastoria City for the TM.