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HM01 Cut is given to you by a person in Ilex Forest.

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Q: Where to get the TM cut in Pokemon HeartGold?
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How do you get the TM transform in HeartGold?

There is no TM transform in Pokemon HeartGold

What TM is flash in Pokemon HeartGold?

Tm 70:)

What TM is Yawn in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yawn is not a TM.

How do you get TM meanlook in Pokemon HeartGold?

Meanlook isn't a TM.

Is eruption a TM in Pokemon heartgold?


How do you find the TM dive in Pokemon heartgold?

There is no TM for Dive and you don't need it.

Where to find TM energy ball in Pokemon heartgold?

I think that TM energy ball doesn't exist in heartgold. You can find it in Pokemon diamond and pearl on ds.

Where do you get the Ancient Power TM in Pokemon HeartGold?

You don't

Where do you get the TM thief in Pokemon HeartGold?

in your bag where eles

How do you get the TM tri-attack on Pokemon HeartGold?

its not a TM but dodtrio can learn it by leveling up.

Where is TM nitro charge in Pokemon soul silver?

There is no TM Nitro Charge in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Only in Pokemon Black and White

Where is the TM iron tail in Pokemon heartgold?

After beating Jasmine, she will give you TM Iron Tail.