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I think that TM energy ball doesn't exist in heartgold. You can find it in Pokemon diamond and pearl on ds.

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Q: Where to find TM energy ball in Pokemon heartgold?
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Were two find the light ball in Pokemon pearl or platinum or heartgold?

you can get it by getting a pichichu in pearl trade it to heartgold

Where do you find a master ball Pokemon HeartGold?

After you beat Lance, go back to professor Elm and talk to him. Then, he'll give you the master ball! (You can go to

What do you have to do to get to get a light ball in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

Catch a pikachu holding a light ball, or use thief on the pikachu's in the Veridian Forest. When you put a pokemon with static in front you will find the pikachu's more easily

Pokemon hg were do you find registeel?

You can't find registeel in Pokemon HeartGold.

What Pokemon game can you find houndour?

You can find it in Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon HeartGold, and Pokemon SoulSilver.

In Pokemon HeartGold what can you find in the ruins of alph?

unkowns {pokemon}

Where can you find a Latios in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot find Latios in Pokemon HeartGold unless you went on wi-fi and got the Enigma Stone

Where do you find Celebi in heart gold?

You get the GS ball from Kurt, then when you get it back, go to Ilex Forest, place the GS ball in the slot, and Celebi will appear. This always works for Pokemon HeartGold.

Where do you find the HGSSball on Pokemon HeartGold?

There is no such thing.

Can you find Kyogre in pokemon heartgold?


How do you find a murkrow on Pokemon HeartGold?


How do you find Deoxys in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't