Where to get rock smash in black 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You go west of Nacrene city, and the first person (It should be a girl) you meet. Talk to her and she will give Rock smash to you.

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Q: Where to get rock smash in black 2?
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How do you get rock smash Pokemon black 2?

well you can go to the shop of Pokemon

Where is the HM rock smash in pokemon black?

Rock Smash isn't an HM in this game.

Will you use rock smash in Pokemon black?

In this game, rock smash is not an HM, it is a TM.

How do you get hm rock smash in pokemon y?

You get it at Ambrette Town in the laboratory. And it's not an HM; it's TM94. Rock Smash went from being an HM to a TM in the 5th generation games (Black/White/Black 2/White 2).

How do you get HM rock smash in Pokemon black?

Rock Smash is not a HM, it's a TM. You can get it from a Battle Girl outside Pinwheel Forest

Where do you find rock smash in Pokemon black?

In Pinwheel Forest.

How do you use rock smash out of battle in Pokemon Black 2?

I have yet to play Pokemon Black or White, but if it is anything like Diamond or Pearl, I believe your Pokemon with the rock smash ability would have to be your main or your starter, and then you could open your bag and click it, and hit use rock smash? I can't exactly remember, it may be something like that though. Don't give up.

Where do you get the move rock smash HeartGold?

Rock smash is on route 36 in Heart Gold. Talk to the ugly fat guy standing by the black apricot tree.

Where can you find hm rock smach in Pokemon black?

TM94 Rock Smash in found in Pinwheel Forest.

Where do you find the HM rock smash in pokemon black?

Rock Smash is now a TM found in the outer part of Pinwheel Forest. A girl next to a sign will give it you.

How do you smash little rocks in Pokemon Black?

to smash lil' rocks in pokemon black, u need rock smash which u get from the battle girl right at the bend at the entrance to pinwheel forest. HOPE IT HELPED:)

How do you break a rock in Pokemon black?

You can't. for some reason they did make rock smash an HM in gen 5.