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Lum berries are randomly given out by the berry masters wife.

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Q: Where to get lum berry in Pokemon Emerald?
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What is the good saying in Pokemon emerald?

i just used Adore Pokemon and she gave me a lum berry

How do you get a lum barry on Pokemon emerald?

Randomly a gentleman in lilycove city gives you a lum berry also randomly the berry master's wife will give you one.

What are the barries in Pokemon emerald?

Here are a few:Liechie berry, Chesto berry, Cherie berry, Rawst berry, Lum berry, Bluk berry,Razz berry, Watmel berry, Babiri berry.Hope i helped!

What do you say to the berry masters wife for certain types of berries in Pokemon emerald?

Challenge Contest=Pamtre Berry Great Battle=Spelon berry Overwhelming Latias Cool Latios = Durin Berry Super Hustle = Belue Berry Challenge Corsola=Lum Berry Absol Alt.color=Lum Berry Super Hustle, in fact, does not = Belue Berry in my game in my emerald game Super Hustle = random berry Approved Attack = Pomeg Berry In my Emerald version game Overwhelming Latias = Watmel Berry from Satores In my Emerald version game Overwhelming Latias = Pecha Berry I found out that you can only get the berries once. then the berries she gives you afterward are random.

How do you get ganlon berry in emerald?

You can't get it on Pokemon emerald

What is a starf berry in Pokemon sapphire?

Its a berry given by Scott in Pokemon emerald.

Where do you get the berry blender in Pokemon Emerald?

the Pokemon contest arena

How do you find ganlon berry on Pokemon Emerald?

In order to get the Ganlon Berry in Pokemon Emerald you must either have gotten a Jirachi (Through Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk) with the Ganlon Berry, or use a cheat device.

Where do you find pataya berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Pataya berries must be obtained from either Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness trade a Pokemon holding the berry to emerald then plant it to get more.

Where to get a leichi berry in Pokemon emerald?

They are on Mirage Island.

Can you get salac berry from pick up in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get a job in Pokemon black?

in castelia you get surveys, in bridge village your a waiter/waitress which gives you a lum berry