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Challenge Contest=Pamtre Berry

Great Battle=Spelon berry

Overwhelming Latias

Cool Latios = Durin Berry

Super Hustle = Belue Berry

Challenge Corsola=Lum Berry

Absol Alt.color=Lum Berry

Super Hustle, in fact, does not = Belue Berry in my game

in my emerald game Super Hustle = random berry

Approved Attack = Pomeg Berry

In my Emerald version game Overwhelming Latias = Watmel Berry

from Satores

In my Emerald version game Overwhelming Latias = Pecha Berry

I found out that you can only get the berries once. then the berries she gives you afterward are random.

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Q: What do you say to the berry masters wife for certain types of berries in Pokemon emerald?
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Where to get lum berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Lum berries are randomly given out by the berry masters wife.

How do you get mewtoo in emerald?

It is impossible to get mewtwo in emerald! To Bad! Pokemon Masters Wife It is impossible to get mewtwo in emerald! To Bad! Pokemon Masters Wife

Where can you get the most berries in Pokemon sapphire?

next to the berry masters house

How do you get cut in Pokemon emerald and were?

you get cut in rustboro city in the cut masters house

In Pokemon emerald exactly where is the shard masters house?

He is a little bit to the west of mosdeep

How do you all the berries on Pokemon sappire?

Either get them from the hoenn berry masters ( found in Lilycove, and two other cities/towns/ routes, or search for them. Rare berries are only obtained from the berry masters. You can also get berries from the people at the flower shop on route 104.

Pokemon emerald How do you get to masters island?

You have to complete the National Dex and talk to professor Oak. you are welcome

Where is the trick masters house?

the trick house is just above slateport city in Pokemon emerald... hope this helps

How do you get pamtre berries in emerald?

You have to go to the berry masters wife. She asks you if you've heard any sayings lately, and if you want a Pamtre Berry, you answer, CHALLENGE CONTEST. And that's it ;]

Where are the tents in Pokemon emerald?

You can get a tent after finishing all of the trick masters challenges in the trick house which is in the route North of Mauville.

What happens when you tell berry masters wife a good saying?

they give you berries.

Why are the masters Pokemon so fast?

the Pokemon game makers want to challenge you. they use programs to makte the base stats of the masters' Pokemon higher.