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You do the puzzle in the rattling skull

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Q: Where to get dr strange gloves key for the lair moshi monsters?
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Where are the epics for moshi monsters season 2 misson 5?

i don't know where the first one is, but the second is in the crows nest where you pull the fishing rope up, and the third is in the evil fishs's lair in the top left hand singing thingy :)

Where is the Phoenix lair?

The Phoenix Lair is located southwest of the Picatoris Fishing Village, and northwest of the Eagle's peak. It can be easily accessed through fairy ring. You will need to have completed the quest In Pyre Need to fight the monsters inside though.

How do you get the techies on moshimonsters?

To get 'wurley' on moshi you need to be a member, if you are not a member i do not know another way, sorry. but if you are a member go to the super moshi lair and click on the 'voyage under potion ocean" and do the mission at the end you will see a moshling and you will be able to keep it!!!

How does Grendel's lair in Beowulf compare to Heorot?

He lives in a underwater cave because he was sent away from the land of the giants, his kind hope this helps!!!

How do you get the dragon blade on aq?

you can buy a dragon blade at valencias shop. you have to go to dragon slayer lair then quest for the dragon blade or get lucky when you hunt for monsters

Use the word lair in a sentence?

Look, that is a lions Lair. Welcome to my small lair .

Use lair in a sentence?

The animal returned to it's lair at night.

What is a lair and how does it apply to schools of fish?

A lair is like a cave and fish have a lair :)

What is the devils lair?

the devils lair is earth

Were is the lair in adventure quest worlds?

type /join lair or goto map and click on lair

How do you get the skylander lair in spyro universe?

i cant get in my lair

What is the duration of The Lair?

The duration of The Lair is 1620.0 seconds.