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you can get it in etrna forest, in honey trees and evolve a wurmple(45% chance it can evolve into silcoon too)

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Q: Where to get cascoon in Pokemon diamond?
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What level does cascoon evolve at?

in pokemon diamond a cascoon evolves at lvl 27

What type of Pokemon is Cascoon?

Cascoon is a Bug type pokemon.

What level does cascoon evolve on Pokemon diamond an pearl?

I think it's Lv 11. Hope I Helped.

What Pokemon can Pokemon pearl catch that diamond can't catch?

fossil,shildon,cascoon,dustox,misdreavus,glameow,purugly,bonsly,sudowoodo,and palkia.

At Pokemon do you get on diamond but not pearl?

there are loads like sillcoon and cascoon can only be found pn separate games and like murkrow

How trane a cascoon on Pokemon Platinum?

A easy way to train Your Cascoon is as follows. First out it at the first spot of your party. Then go to a place with strong Pokemon. Send out your Cascoon then swap it out with your strongest. Defeat the other Pokemon and your Cascoon will get a lot of exp. points.

Where can you catch cascoon on Pokemon Platinum?

You can find Cascoon in Pokemon Platinum at Route 205 North, Eterna Forest.

What level does cascoon evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Cascoon evolves into Dustox at level 10

How do you evolve a useless cascoon?

To evolve a cascoon, it must gain levels. To gain a level with a cascoon, either attack with it, or if impossible, place it as your active pokemon and switch out at the start of the battle. If you have a EXP share, give the cascoon that and battle with a different pokemon.

What is the weekest pokemon?

Maybe... Cascoon?

What is the national pokedex number for Cascoon?

Cascoon is #268 in the national pokedex, and it is a Bug type Pokemon.

In Pokemon emerald what level does cascoon evolve?

lv10, Cascoon evolve into Beautifly.