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Type your answer here... go to moles secret tunnel and go to secret tunnel 4 and 3 digg some fossils until you find it

p.s moles secret tunnel is in rivet rivine

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Q: Where to get all brachio parts in fossil fighters?
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Where can you get brachio in fossil fighters?

just email me and ill tell u where and the codes to get it i know all cheats for fossil fighters...... exept for getting an ammonite fossil

Where do you find all the parts of megalo in fossil fighters?

just dig where you found its head at

Where you find guan on fossil fighters?

The Guan Fossil rock for all the parts- Head, Body, Arms, and Legs- is in Mt. Lavaflow.

Where do you find spinax body fossils in fossil fighters?

You get him at greenhorn plains.(If wanting all body parts,you must buy fossil chips at the store.)

How do you beat Nevada in fossil fighters?

i used spinax,s-raptor,and venator level 9 with all body parts

Is there a code for all fossils in fossil fighters?

No there is not

How do i make dynal learn admiter beam in fassil fiters?

First of all it's Fossil Fighters. You have to collect all its parts: head, body legs and arms.

How do you get squik in fossil fighters?

Get all vivosaurs to rank 12.

Where can you find a perso fossil in fossil fighters?

parchment desert after all oasis seeds are planted

How do you get titanic vivasaurs on the new game fossil fighters?

You get titanicvivasaurs in many places. Probably the earliest one is Brachio in Rivet Ravine. I have all the titanic dinosaurs; here is a list. Brachio,Seismo,Apato,Frigi, and Perso. The rarest one is Frigi. hope this helps!

How do you get duna raptin and dynal in fossil fighters?

get all 100 vivosaurs

What vivosaur has the berserker ability in fossil fighters champions?

Only a few can not but they all take the miraculus fossil.