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In Shopping Mall Nine (in Route 9) a Worker will give it to as a gift on the top section.

In Chargestone Cave, there's one in B1F (west of Team Plazma). They can also be found in the dust clouds of Chargestone Cave.

In Black City, you can by one from Ken for 10,000 Poke/Pokedollars in the Marketplace

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Q: Where to get a thunder stone in pokemon black?
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Where can you get a thunder stone in pokemon black?

I believe you can buy one in Black City.

What does the thunder stone do in Pokemon Black and White?

makes electric type Pokemon evolve

What level in Pokemon black does electric evolve?

you have to use a thunder stone

Which Pokemon evolves from a thunder stone?

the Pokemon that evolve with the help of a thunder stone are : pikachu +thunder stone = raichu, or eevee + thunder stone = jolteon.

Where to get Elektross in Pokemon black?

You'll need to use a Thunder Stone on a Elektrik.

How do you find a thunder stone in Pokemon black?

A worker gives it to you in Shopping Mall Nine.

What does a thunder stone evolve in Pokemon emerold?

thunder Pokemon if it has evolutions

Where do you get a thunder stone in Pokemon emerald?

You can find the thunder stone in New Mauville

Pokemon platinum where to get a thunder stone?

you can find a thunder stone by checking the UNDERGROUND

What kind of Pokemon evolves with a thunder stone?

Pickachu and eeve can evolve with the thunder stone

How do you get your Pikachu to evolve without a thunder stone in Pokemon?

You can't, it needs a Thunder Stone.

What is the best stone in Pokemon diamond?

thunder stone