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You can get it at New Mauville. Also you need to use this HM named Surf.Go through the Cycling Road by using Surf. Then after you get to the Genorator, you turn it off. Then you see a Poke Ball in the East. Then you earned you Thunderstone.

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Q: Where to get a thunder stone in Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get a thunder stone in Pokemon emerald?

You can find the thunder stone in New Mauville

What Pokemon can you evolve using a thunder stone stone in Pokemon emerald?


How do you get raicu on Pokemon Emerald?

use a thunder stone on pikachu.

What level does pikachu evolve in Pokemon emerald?

You need a thunder stone. He doesn't evolve by level. :)

In Pokemon emerald how does the Pokemon elekid evolve into an electibuzz?

i think you use a thunder stone but im not sure so try that

Which Pokemon evolves from a thunder stone?

the Pokemon that evolve with the help of a thunder stone are : pikachu +thunder stone = raichu, or eevee + thunder stone = jolteon.

How do you get fire stone and thunder stone in Pokemon emerald?

Collect yellow and red shards and take them to the treasure hunter just to the west of mossdeep.

How do you get dawn stone in Pokemon emerald?

There is no dawn stone in emerald!!!!

What does a thunder stone evolve in Pokemon emerold?

thunder Pokemon if it has evolutions

Where to get a dawn stone in Pokemon Emerald?

You can not get a dawn stone in Pokemon Emerald. Infact, the dawn stone is not avalible in any of the Gameboy versions of Pokemon.

What Pokemon can evolve from a thunder stone in Pokemon emerald?

you can evolve pikachu into Raichu and Eevee into Jolteon

Pokemon platinum where to get a thunder stone?

you can find a thunder stone by checking the UNDERGROUND