Where to get a thunder stone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The thunder stone makes certain Pokémon (such as Pikachu) evolve. To get one in Fire Red version, go to the Celadon City market.

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Q: Where to get a thunder stone?
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Which Pokemon evolves from a thunder stone?

the Pokemon that evolve with the help of a thunder stone are : pikachu +thunder stone = raichu, or eevee + thunder stone = jolteon.

Where do you find the thunder stone?

You can get the thunder stone by going underground and digging for it in Pokemon diamond/pearl ( the thunder stone , fire stone, water stone, and the leaf stone is very rare, so good luck!).

Where do you get a thunder stone in Pokemon emerald?

You can find the thunder stone in New Mauville

Pokemon platinum where to get a thunder stone?

you can find a thunder stone by checking the UNDERGROUND

What kind of Pokemon evolves with a thunder stone?

Pickachu and eeve can evolve with the thunder stone

How do you get your Pikachu to evolve without a thunder stone in Pokemon?

You can't, it needs a Thunder Stone.

Can mareep evolve with thunder stone?

No, Mareep cannot evolve with the use of a Thunder Stone.

What stones can evee use?

you can use a fire stone water stone and thunder stone on an evee fire stone is flareon thunder stone is jolteon and water stone is vaporeon

What Pokemon needs a Thunder Stone to evolve?

Pikachu and Eevee both need a Thunder Stone to evolve.

What is the Tamil name for thunder stone?

The Tamil name for thunder stone is "இடும்பை மணி" (Idumbai Mani).

How do you get a thunder stone in Pokemon white?

Go far in Charge stone Cave and in between to stair cases to the bottem left is the thunder stone.

What is the best stone in Pokemon diamond?

thunder stone