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You can get a Moonstone on Pokemon White after you defeat Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest and talk to Lenora. She will give you a Moonstone.

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Q: Where to get a moonstone in Pokemon White?
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What Pokemon can you evolve with a moonstone on white?

Munna into Musharna

What Pokemon uses a moonstone on black and white?


What Pokemon can you evolve with a moonstone in Pokemon white version?

Check Serbii. net

What level does munna evolve in Pokemon Black and White?

use moonstone

How do you use a moonstone to evolve a Pokemon?

get a moonstone. get a Pokemon that can evolve with a moonstone. go to your bag. choose the moonstone. choose use. select your Pokemon. Congrats on your new Pokemon

What is the name of moonstone Pokemon's?

What Pokemon need a moonstone?Here is the list:ClefairyJigglypuffNidorinaNidorinoSkitty

What does moonstone do on Pokemon Yellow version?

Moonstone makes pokemon evolve.

What Pokemon can you evolve from a moonstone in Pokemon Black version?

The only Pokemon from Black/White you can evolve with a moon stone is Munna to Musharna.Otherwise, you can use a moonstone to evolve these Pokemon from previous generations while they are in Pokemon Black/White.Nidorina -> NidoqueenNidorino -> NidokingClefairy -> ClefableJigglypuff -> WigglytuffSkitty -> Delcatty

Where can i buy moonstone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can not buy a moonstone in any Pokemon game but you can find them somewhere

Where can you get a moonstone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it's rare to find a moonstone

Who Pokemon can evolves from a moonstone on Pokemon platinum?


What is moonstone used for?

Moonstone evolves certain Pokemon use it to evolve these Pokemon: Clefairy, jigglypuff, nidorina, nidorino, skitty.