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What Pokemon need a moonstone?

Here is the list:

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Q: What is the name of moonstone Pokemon's?
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Dewdrop is her real name not moonstone.

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How do you name your pokemons after they have been caught on Pokemon fire red?

if you catch it it'll ask you to name it if you don't but still one to name it go to Lavaneder town go to the middle building there's a name rater for to name your pokemons

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Where can you change your pokemons name in Pokemon Platinum?

Eterna City.

Were can you find a gendar on Pokemon?

right next to the pokemons name

How do you change a pokemons name if it is not yours?

Yo cant is impossible

Which animal has the same name as a Pokemon?

A ferret has the same name as a pokemon. but the pokemons name is spelled furret.

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For gold, silver, crystal, there is a name rater in goldenrod city.