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dive in the area left of Mossdeep and find the green shard. Trade it for a leaf stone. here is a map (copy and paste below) the green shard is in the bottom part where the map is not shown

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Q: Where to get a leaf stone in Pokemon Sapphire?
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How do you find the leaf stone in Pokemon sapphire?

go underground and look for them

What Pokemon will evolve with a leaf stone Pokemon sapphire other than gloom?

Exeggcute and Nuzleaf.

How can you get a vileblume in Pokemon sapphire?

Cathch a GLOOM then give it a leaf stone. For a bellosum give it a sun stone.

Where can you buy or get a leaf stone in Pokemon sapphire?

you can get it by going to route 119 at the tall grass

What do you do after finding the sapphire stone in Pokemon leaf green?

give it to celio and then mewtwos cave will be unlocked

In Pokemon Sapphire where can you find vileplume?

Vileplume is not found in the wild in Pokemon R/S, you must evolve it from a Gloom by Leaf Stone.

The leaf stone is used on which Pokemon in sapphire?

gloom(to get a vileplume), weepinbell(to get a victreebell).

How do you get vileplume in Pokemon sapphire?

The same way you do in every other generation, evolve Oddish into Gloom, then evolve Gloom with a leaf stone. You can get a leaf stone from the shards guy if you hand him a green shard.

When does Nuzleaf evolve in Pokemon sapphire?

Nuzleaf only evolves by use of a Leaf Stone, so it can evolve at any level.

Does the Water Stone from Pokemon look like Sapphire?

Yes, the water stone from Pokemon looks like Sapphire.

What does the leaf stone do in Pokemon Blue?

The leaf stone will evolve certain species of pokemon

How do you get a leaf stone in Pokemon Diamond?

You get a leaf stone underground.