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the Pokemon fan club in vermilion has a guy that gives you a bike voucher

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Q: Where to get a bike in Pokemon fore red?
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How do you get bike in pokemon red?

Talk to the guy in the pokemon fan club at Virdian city. He will give you a bike voucher and then cash it in at the bike store

Bicycle in Pokemon Red?

Get the bike voucher then go to the bike shop to receive a bicycle.

Where is the bike shop in Pokemon Red?

downtown cerulean city

How do you get a bike voucher on Pokemon fire-red?

Talk to the chairman of the Pokemon fan club in vermilion city and listen to his story when he is finished he gives you a bike voucher give that to the bike shop to get a free bike.

What do you do if you didn't get the bike in Pokemon Red before leaving?

What do you mean by leaving

Cheats for Pokemon Red in meboy?

In PokŽmon Red Meboy, there is a way to get an extra bike as one of the cheats. Attempt to put the bike in your bag, and another bike will appear. This will give you two bikes.

Where do you find a bicycle on Pokemon Red version?

You have to talk to the CHAIRMAN of the POKEMON FAN CLUB in VERMILION CITY, he'll give you a BIKE VOUCHER for listening to him, take that to the bike shop in CERULEAN CITY for a new bike.

How do you make a Pokemon egg hatch?

the fastest way to make a egg hatch if you have a mach bike register it (in case you acsedentally exit out of the bike)get on it ride in a circle fore about 5 minutes and it should hatch i hope this helps :)

Where to get bik in Pokemon Red?

you get a bike voucher from vermillion city for completing a task, then go back to the bike shop in cerulean city and buy it

What town do you get the bike from in Pokemon Red?

In cerulean city. Just go to viridian where the pokefan club is, speack to the man up and tell him yes, he will give you a bike voucher, trade it for a bike in the bike shop.

What is the easy way of getting a bike on fire red?

see How get bicycle in Pokemon leaf green?

How much is a bike in cerulean city in Pokemon fire red?

it's 10000000 current currency