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after you beat the elite four go to the safari zone and then you go to the place with the gps Pokemon and go to the spaces in the grass and then i forgot the grass place i got it so it is in the grass place somewhere and you find the TM hydro pump and you could also find it by finishing the hoenn pokedex and then go to professor birch and when he talks to you about the national pokedex that he will give you talk to him again and then he will say "oh did i forget to give you this" and he will give you the TM hydro pump i hope this helps you.

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Q: Where to find water hydro pump in emerald?
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Can Salamence learn hydro pump in Pokemon Emerald?

Salamence can only learn Hydro Pump as an egg move in Pokemon Emerald.

Where do you find Hydro Pump in Pokemon?

You cannot find hydro pump. The reason is because it is not a TM. Most water Pokemon can learn it when they have reach a certain level.

What moves does lombre learn in emerald?

Absorb, fake out bubblebeam, hydro pump, just general water/ grass/ normal moves

What level does gyados learn hydro pump in pokemon emerald?


Can salamence learn hydro pump in emerald?

Yes but only via egg move.

How does swampert learn hydro pump?

No he does not. The only way to get a Swampert to have Hydro Pump is to train your Mudkip to level 42 without evolving it. Then he will learn Hydro Pump, and then you can evolve him into a Swampert that will have Hydro Pump. (Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire)

What are the water moves in Pokemon Emerald?

The water-types moves and attacks are Dive, Waterfall, Hydro Cannon, Hydro Pump, Whirlpool, Bubble, Bubblebeam, Clamp, Crabhammer, Octazooka, Rain Dance, Surf, Muddy Water, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Water Spout, Water Sport, and Withdraw.

What is the best water type attack for Pokemon?

water spout, hydro cannon, or hydro pump

What is the first water move that goldeen learns in Pokemon emerald?

you have to evolve it first to a seaking at level 20 at level 29 it learns hydro pump trust me i did it.

What is the ultimate water move?

Hydro pump

What moves does kyogre know when you get it in Pokemon emerald?

Hydro Pump,Double Edge,Sheer Cold, and Rest

What is the device used to pump out excess water in freshwater organisms?

Water gun; Hydro pump.