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First, you have to catch all three of the legendary dogs. Then, you talk to the Wise Trio in the Tin Tower. They should give you the rainbow wing. I don't know if you have to put them in your party or not, but I know if you catch them, the Wise Trio will give you a Rainbow Wing and then you can catch Ho-oH.

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Q: Where to find rainbow wing in shiny gold?
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Is there a Rainbow Wing in Shiny Gold?

yes there is

Shiny gold rainbow wing?

an old guy acros from the poke mart in pewter city

What can you do with rainbow wing on Pokemon shiny gold?

Firstly go to the bell tower, then get a Ho Oh.

Where do you find a rainbow wing in Pokemon gold?

In navel Rock

Do you have to get all 7 badges before you can get the rainbow wing in gold?

Rainbow Wing To get the rainbow wing in Heart Gold you need to stop the team rocket plan at the radio tower in Goldenrod City. You will then receive it. Hope I helped! :D

Where to find rainbow wing in heart gold?

After you beat 7 gyms go to Goldenrode city and go into the radeo tower. Beat the radio tower and some one will give you a rainbow wing.

Where can you find ho-oh in pokemon gold version?

You find it at the top of the Tin Tower after having gotten the Rainbow Wing.

Where you can find silver wing in Pokemon shiny gold?

you go to viridian city in kanto and talk to this old man on a hill and he will give you the silver wing

How do you get the rainbow wing on hart gold?

go to viridian

Where do you find the rainbow wing on Pokemon Gold Version?

After you beat 8 gyms proffeser elm gives you it dummy

What do you do with the rainbow wing in soulsilver?

once you've defeated the elite 4, can catch ho-oh lv 70, in the same place that you find it in heart gold, but in both games, you need a rainbow wing to do so.

How do you get rainbow wing on heart gold?

the kamono girls give it to you