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I have windows 8 too. All you have to do is windows button+r then type in %appdata%

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โˆ™ 2014-09-10 00:18:18
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Q: Where to find minecraft folder on windows 8?
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Can you download Minecraft on Windows 8?


How do you add Minecraft mods texture packs?

First, you download the texture pack you want. Next, if needed, unzip the folder. Third, drag the unzipped folder into the texture pack folder.1. Open Minecraft.2. Go to options, there will be something that saids c:/user/youraccount/appdata/roaming/ minecraft. (If you cannot find this, then play Minecraft. Go to texture packs and click add texture pack. Skip step 3.)3. Click Textures4. Download a texture pack from the internet. Some texture packs have more instructions. They sometimes include instructions on haw to install them. 5. Drag the zip texture pack into the texture section of the Minecraft file. 6. Run Minecraft 7. Go to textures 8. If you did this correctly the texture pack will show up. 9. Click on it. 10. Play Minecraft! ENJOY! :}

What does 8 wooden planks and 1 diamond make in minecraft?

8 wooden planks and 1 diamond makes a jukebox on Minecraft. You can play music discs that you find using this.

Why wont some minecraft adventure maps work?

there can be 2 problems that i know of i will discuss the one that i know how to fix first (its a bit confusing so read it carefully) problem 1: you hae put the map in your minecraft saves folder and it will not show up on your map list, this is an easy fix step 1: go in your minecraft saves folder step 2: go into your downloads and find the ZIP file that the map is in step 3: open the ZIP file (right click, open) if it says you cant open then right click, open with WINrar, IZarc or whatever archiver you have step 4: once you have the zip file opened, double click on the folder and find the level.dat (there maybe files called old level.dat but just highlight all of the files that look like a peice of paper) step 5: once you hilighted all of the files that look like a peice of paper, shrink the window that the minecraft saves folder is in (you know the button next to the X in the top right of the window) also shrink the ZIP file of the map then double click on the name of the map folder in the minecraft saves window step 6: in the minecraft map folder, right click AND HOLD any of the hilighted files and frag them into the with space in the minecraft map folder (MAKE SURE you do not drag them into any of the files that looks like a folder) problem 2: you downloaded and installed the map correctly but for some reason your not in the map your supposed to be in problem 3: (in know theres only 2 but TOO BAD!) you only downloaded it and left it like that step 1: go to your startup menu (if you have windows click the little color thing in the bottom left of the screen) step 2: in the search bar type in "%appdata%" (without the "'s IMPORTANT: type in the percent signs to) step 3: press the ENTER key step 4: double click the .minecraft folder step 5: double click the saves folder step 6: go to your downloads and find the map's ZIP file step 7: open the ZIP file step 8: in the ZIP file of the map, right click and hold then drag the folder IN THE WHITE SPACE in the saves folder (if you don't see the world in your minecraft maps while in the game then read "problem 1" at the top of this answer) PLEASE READ THIS CUZ IT TOOK A LONG TIME TO TYPE!!!!!

How do you change your look in Minecraft?

how to change your charecter in minecraft!!! 1. find a minecraft charecter .png file 2. click start 3. click run 4. type or cut and paste "%appdata%" into run and click OK or enter 5. click minecraft 6. click bin 7. right click the minecraft.rar file and click open with winrar (you mmust have it downloaded) 8. find the mobs folder and open it 9. find the .png file named "char.png" 10. take the .png skin you got earlier and rename it "char" 11. drag and drop it into the mincraft.rar file and click OK on the popup 12. exit all the windows 13. run the game:) p.s if you update you will have to redo this process becouse it re-downloads the original "char.png" file and all the new update files.

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