Where to find lotad on HeartGold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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safari zone

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Q: Where to find lotad on HeartGold?
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How do you get lotad in pokemon heartgold?

You can get lotad in the safari zone if you place the right items. to find out exactly how look at the pokemon marriland or serebii safari zone guide.

How do you get lotad in heartgold?

in the safari zone (special items) OR transfer from sapphire, ruby, and emerald

Where to find Lotad in Soul Silver?

You can obtain a Lotad in the Safari Zone.

Were do you find Lotad in the Safari Zone in SoulSilver?

You can find Lotad at:Plains- 12 Water Objects Desert- 8 Water Objects.

What level does Lotad evolve in Pokemon Heartgold?

It evolves into Lombre at level 14 and then evolves into Ludicolo if you use a Water Stone on it.

Where on Pokemon Pearl can you find lotad?

you migrate lotad from Pokemon emerald and ruby, and migrate it in pal park.

Where is lotad on platinum?

its kind of in route 204 but i bet a one cent you'll find it . it's about 8% of the time you'll find lotad .

How do you find Lotad PokePark Wii?

Talk to buneary in the meadow zone.After you play chase with her,then lotad will come to play.

Where to find a lotad in Pokemon Emerald?

lotad is on a edge near the jumping carvanha

Where can you find lotad in Pokemon diamond?

u cant

Where do you find lotad in Pokemon emerald?

route 102

Pokemon Ruby where do you find lotad?

I don't really think you can. The thing is, in Sapphire you can catch Lotad but not Seedot and in Ruby you can catch Seedot but not Lotad. However in Emerald, you can catch both. So You'd have to trade from a Sapphire or Emerald. Lotad can be found on route 114 on Pokemon RUBY!