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Karate king? :s

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Q: Where to find karate king in waterfall cave?
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How do you get up the waterfall in Pokemon to find the karate king?

Simple use the HM Waterfall.

What are the directions to karate king in Pokemon Gold?

The Karate King can be found in Mt.Mortar in Pokemon Gold. You will need the HM moves Surf and Waterfall to reach the part of the cave where the Karate King is training.

How do you find the karate king in Pokemon heart gold?

the waterfall entrance of mt mortor

Why isn't karate king in his gym in Pokemon crystal?

because he is hidng in mt mortar training he can be found in the middle of the cave which u need to surf from mogahany town he is hard to find in the cave u nid surf and waterfall to get to him

Where do you find the karate king in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Mount Mortar after you defeat the eighth gym leader in kanto [you need waterfall,strength,and surf].

Where do you find the karate king?

You need waterfall in order to find him up on the MT. Mortar waterfall look all around he will battle you he has a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and I think a Hitmontop defeat him and he will give you a Tyrogue but you need space in your party.

Where is karate king in Pokemon Silver?

in that cave (not union ) in i think b2f

How do you get tyrouge in heartgold?

The Karate King gives you one. You find the Karate King in Mt Mortar.

Where is the karate king in Pokemon shiny gold?

The Karate kin could be found in cave on route 32 near tully fisher

What cave is the fighting dojo in?

There is no fighting dojo in a cave. However the Karate King, or the master of the dojo in Saffron City, is training deep inside of Mt.Mortar. Use the middle entrance to the cave (the one you need to Surf to), and bring Pokemon that know Waterfall, Strength, and Surf. You may want to bring some repels, as he is very far in the cave, and you will want to conserve your Pokemon's strength for the battle, as the Karate King is fairly strong. You will want to bring psychic Pokemon, as he will have a Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan, all weak against Psychic types.

Where exactly is karate king?

The karate king is in the middle cave of mount mortar. You can only fight him after you defeat the elite four. Go on google images to find out how to get through the maze-like path to him. I also suggest soft resetting for a shiny tyrogue, if you have the time.

How do you get to the Karate King in Pokemon Gold?

You need to find the Karate King to advance in Pokemon Gold version. In order to find him you need to go to Mount Mortar.

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